Zigbee Comparison

Table below lists WITECH and Zigbee wireless technologies technical specifications.See how both protocols compare and decide which solution fits your needs best.

ZigBee Witech
Mesh Topology Yes Yes
Unplanned network No Yes
Radio Standard Yes   (*1) No
Hierarchical distinction within network nodes Yes (Router, Endpoint) No (All nodes equal)
Data rate Low/High Low/Medium
Scalability - # of practical nodes per network** < 50 Nodes > 1000 Nodes
Scalability - # of hops per network** < 6 Hops > 20
Nodes power consumption (Operating nodes) Medium/High Ultra-Low/Low
Radio coverage Low/Medium High/Extreme
Radio performance against obstacles Very poor/Poor Muy good/Extreme
Full Network operation powered by batteries No Yes
Bidirectional Network reliability for control Limited Yes
Dynamic Topology Limited Yes
Dynamic routing Limited Yes
Protocol Overhead Very Low Low
Frequency Hopping No Yes
Encryption Yes (AES128) Yes (AES128)
Complex Applications Integration in Nodes (Memory and information processing resources available) No Yes
Online Firmware reload or update capabilities No Yes
Remote on-line applications maintenance No Yes
(*1) Radio Standard does not mean there is interoperability with application devices manufacturers
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