Water Smartmeters

Our remote control techology was first developed for the Smartmetering of the city of Málaga (EMASA) a decade ago, at that time we developed and improved our solution to offer nowadays a complete solution based in our radio module WITECH.

The city of Málaga has over 500.000 inhabitants, the project scope is an extensive area network of more than. 200.000 nodes.

This technology can be integrated on the one hand with water meter manufacturers , both digital or analog (pulses), and, on the other hand with Municipal Water Company management solution. Unlike our remote control solution for lighting networks, in this case we do not offer a software management solution,  because the most usual case is that this already exists, therefore we have developed a webservice API for integration with third party solutions, nevertheless it is possible to made a custom-tailored software interface for the customers.

Witech modules connected to supplies conform a bidirectional  radio network  which allows transmission of consumption dates, alarms and notifications from the meters to an access point or server, as well as sending commands from the server to any point in the network

The WITECH metering system excels for using an unplanned radio network  in the ISM bandwidth, to offer a high quality and reliable communication network without data transmission costs.

  • Description
  • Functionality
  • Advantages
  • Specification

System Description

  • Smart metering for Water, light and gas counters. Connection interfaces for pulse meters and CZBUS/M-BUS protocol.
  • Based on an unplanned and self-planned network, it allows the system to work against partial damages in the installations such as electricity cuttings, interferences, etc.
  • The Witech system is a network or radio frequency modules which repeat the information to reach a central server where they are collected and stored for further proccessing.
  • Administration for up to 2.000 meters.
  • Through an alarm system the water supply company receives reports concerning leakages, batteries lifetime and other specific issues such us of illegal water consumption.
  • Connection to solenoid valve/contactors allowing the cutting and activation of distance supplies.
  • ISM Radio network band free use. No transmission costs.

Main functionality:

  • Automatic readings.
  • Leakages identification.
  • Alarms generation.
  • Supplies actuation.
  • Metering data storage for Invoicing.

The Metering network is centralized in an access point or server which wit a capacity for 2.000 meterings.

The functionality of this equipment is:
  • Compiling consumption data and receiving network supplies alarms.
  • Individual or Group readings, and,
  • Offering an easy access for the stored information


  • Radio network based on ISM  free band use. No data transmission costs.
  • Readings reliability.
  • Batteries operation to get independent network points, and to guarantee an autonomous operation facing system failure.
  • Prepayment option for final clients.
  • Security and comfort for users, there is no need to bother citizens going inside their residences to make the consumption readings.
  • Battery service time of aprox. 10 years.
  • Registers with historical dates of consumption. Posibility of consumption profile definition.
  • Reading can be made at any moment of the day.

Technical Specifications:

  • Radio module
    • 3 V Litium battery, life service aprox. 12 years.
    • Transmission Power : 915 MHz (America), 868 MHz (Europe);
  • RF Transmission
    • RF Transmission  of up to 1,7 km line-of-sight.
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