Our technological partner IHMAN is a Spin Off from the University of Málaga(2002), their members being part of the research group DIANA, being wireless ad-hoc networks one of their main lines of reasearch activity.

IHMAN a R&D company focused in wirless radio ad-hoc networks, holds a 10 year curriculum project experience acompanied with a constant technological development in the field of wireless radio ad-hoc networks, specifically extensive are networks with extreme link budget and ultralow power compsumption

Our technology is tested and running under a great number of installations and applications, currently with thousend of nodes in operation

  • Smartwater metering for municipalities
  • Distibuted industrial systems
  • Smart supply management for Marinas, and harbours.
  • Ourdoor lighing pinpoint control
  • etc


At first our technology found its application in Smartwater metering for extensive area networks. We are talking about networks with thousends of nodes (one per counter) for cities and municipalities, with the main objective of reading everycounter remotely without any additional infrastructure, therefore not incurring in data transmission costs with mobile operators.

Over time we have developed advanced solutions for specific sectors:

HERMES a powerfull management supply solution (Electricity, Water, Gas, Light) for Marinas, Campings, Buildings, etc, and more recently we have transferred our technology to a different sceneario, that holds many similarities as far as the control network is concerned, Lighting Management Networksluminarias in general, and in particular, as a extreme case-solution taking into account the number of lights to control, and the physical extension, Streetlight, Networks.

We have created an outstanding pinpoint lighting solution, Helios Control System, providing full control over any lighting grid

We have become an important partner for streetlight manufacturers that trust us as their technological providers for Outdoor Lighting pinpoint control.

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