Vehicle Fleet Location


CICLOPE is an integrated control system for vehicles within limited areas. The system is capable of locating precisely a vehicle within the various car parks a company may have. The vehicle current situation and real time tracking can be monitored through the company's intranet, or via internet.

CICLOPE equips your company with automated control for your fleet vehicle elements, increasing your productivity and profits.

Potential customers

Broadly speaking, any company with a vehicle fleet that wantas to establisch an automated location control in its outdoor or indoor car parks. In particular :
  • Big car dealers
  • "Rent a car" companies
  • Vehicle manufacturers

Technical features

  • Nework radio locator completely self-configurable and free of planning, which alos installation in a single day
  • Ultra-low power.  Minimum batteries comsumption and replacement.
  • Location accuracy : < 10 meters.
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