What advantages introduces HERMES with a centralized prepayment?

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¿Why are back batteries an critical component in HERMES Supply Management Solution?

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¿Is HERMES Supply management solution compatible with any type of counter/electrovalve/contactor?

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What is the signal range for the WITECH Modules?

We offer the best signal range through our Narrow Band for Extreme Link-Budget Radio Modules.

Output Power Range: -20 to 13 dBm

Sensitivity (BER < 10-3) - 130 dBm (0.1 Kbps)

    121 dBm (1.0 Kbps)
    114 dBm (9.6 Kbps)
    113 dBm (25.0 Kbps)

Please refer to theWITECH radio module's datasheets

Where are the WITECH radio modules manufactured?

WITECH is a made in Spain radio control technology The manufacturing of the WITECH radio modules, and all our other products (HELIOS, HERMES, CICLOPE, ...) takes place at Fujitsu Siemens (Málaga) under the strongest quality concerns.

(Español) ¿Qué quiere decir que el mantenimiento es totalmente remoto?

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Can a streetlight manufacturer integrate HELIOS without an external radio antenna?

Yes, that is correct.

Our technology development maximizing link budget, enables us to offer a wireless radio platform especially specially suited for streetlight manufacturers wish a highly optimized and completely designed RF platform with true low power and long range features.

The module includes a medium size, high performance microstrip antenna with a very homogenous radiation pattern. This narrow band solution is specially designed for applications requiring ultra-high sensitivity for extreme link-budget, like ultra low power ad-hoc networks with extensive coverage.



(Español) ¿Qué ventajas aporta a la solución la batería de backup?

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(Español) ¿Qué algoritmo de encriptación implementa el módulo radio WITECH ?

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(Español) ¿Cual es el máximo número de nodos que puede tener la red a controlar?

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