Smart Supplies
HERMES :Smart supply management for water, electricity and gas. We offer a customized control solution for Marinas, Buildings, Campings,...etc More
Smart Lighting
HELIOS is a complete wireless solution for outdoor street lighting pinpoint control. More
Smart Water Metering
At present we are deploying Malaga's Water Company remote control solution, an extensive area wireless sensor network of 200.000 nodes powered by batteries. More
CICLOPE : Real time assets monitoring : Vehicles inside parkings, trolleys at airports, antirobbery solar pannels, etc. More
More solutions
Smart wireless network technology Solutions : The core of our solutions is forged in the experience of more than ten years creating technology to make wireless sensor networks smarter. We offer our customers the smartest wireless sensor platform, and the expertise to build taylor made applications for their specific business requirements .
Taylor made solutions


1 Selection of the communications module according to connectivity range and data transmission rate requirements.

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Hardware Interface

  • Selection of sensors and actuators.
  • Hardware interface design.

Solutions Development

3 Development of control firmware, and software interfaces (desktop, web, smartphones, etc).
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